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Lonely Too Long

Well Good Mornin'

Tell me how'd you sleep last night

You're still smiling

So we must've done something right

Don't feel guilty

Because you turned to me last night


We ain't done nothin' wrong

We've just been lonely too long

No we ain't done nothing wrong

We've just been lonely too long

It's only natural

When you've been too long in the dark

To Look for comfort

And to warm yourself by the fire

We're just afaid

That we might get our fingers burned



Nothing's wrong that can't be cured with a new love

All you need is someone like me to be sure of to be your love

I'll be waiting

Standing right outside your heart

And I'll be watching

For the slightest sign of a spark

And I'll be here

If you should want to turn to me

'Cause ...


We ain't done nothin' wrong

we've just been lonely too long

Oh we ain't done nothin' wrong

both been lonely too long

Just been lonely too long

Пэтти Лавлесс

Lonely Too Long / Пэтти Лавлесс

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