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Элизабет Фэа Элизабет Фэарок певица

Beg Me

Take one more step and it's over

Back up slowly inside

Breathe too loud and I'll kill you

Get down on your knees and beg me

Beg me, beg

Beg me, beg me, beg

Take off all of your clothes

Lie face down on the bed

Move one inch and I'll shoot you

Make like a woman and beg me

Beg me, beg

I said, beg me, beg me, beg

Every night on TV

I see things that should make me blush

Looks like it's going to be another open season

Open season on us

Open season, open season on us

It's the first hot day of the summer

Looks like there's gonna be thunder

I've been sitting here all afternoon

Watching the clouds

You can see the sky from my window

Can feel the wind and smell the rain

And I don't see what difference it makes

If I'm a man or a woman

Элизабет Фэа

Beg Me / Элизабет Фэа

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