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If you just take, my sense of freedom

If you just take, away my home

You can't ever, hope to win me

This I'll tell you, so sure

There is strength in, the common people

For the people, is all we really are

Young and old, the wisest and the lowly

Each indeed is holy, in the light of love

When the word comes, I will be waiting

Like the dove, that shines and prays for peace

Some have waited, what seems a life time

Some are waiting, now to be released

For the moment, we have this freedom

We will choose, the way our hearts will move

All the people, lost will find their way

Give that chance today, here and I will pray

No not for nothing, hearts will not be broken

As long as we are open, our hearts will make us free

Before the thousands, before the millions

In the glory, all will come to truth

No aggression, that we leave behind us

To be replaced, by you

For tomorrow, another morning

For tomorrow, another day

In our children, there's that sense of freedom

Help them use it, wisely I will pray

Джон Рой Андерсон

Polonaise / Джон Рой Андерсон

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