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Джон Прайн Джон ПрайнАмериканский певец и автор песен, работающий в жанрах кантри и фолк

Spanish Pipedream (AKA Blow Up Your TV)

She was a level-headed dancer on the road to alcohol

And I was just a soldier on my way to Montreal

Well she pressed her chest against me

About the time the juke box broke

Yeah, she gave me a peck on the back of the neck

And these are the words she spoke


Blow up your T.V. throw away your paper

Go to the country, build you a home

Plant a little garden, eat a lot of peaches

Try an find Jesus on your own

Well, I sat there at the table and I acted real naive

For I knew that topless lady had something up her sleeve

Well, she danced around the bar room and she did the hoochy-coo

Yeah she sang her song all night long, tellin' me what to do

Repeat chorus:

Well, I was young and hungry and about to leave that place

When just as I was leavin', well she looked me in the face

I said

Джон Прайн

Spanish Pipedream (AKA Blow Up Your TV) / Джон Прайн

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