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Джон Прайн Джон ПрайнАмериканский певец и автор песен, работающий в жанрах кантри и фолк

Wedding Day In Funeralville

It's Wedding Day in Funeralville

Your soup spoon's on your right

The King and Queen will alternate

With the refrigerator light

They'll be boxing on the T.V. show

The colored kids will sing

Hoo ray for you

And midnight's oil

Lets burn the whole damn thing

Felicia is my dark horse girl

I'll take her if it rains

She throws up punch

Upon the host

And says many stupid things

But she ain't so bad

When we're all alone

She's as different

As can be

She's a part a my heart

Don'tcha pull us apart

She's like one of the family


Oh no! Trouble in the attic

Won't somebody turn on a lite

Got so, so many troubles

Can't even tell

Wrong from right

I'm gonna comb my hair

Darn my socks

Tip my hat

And say goodnight

It's Wedding Day in Funeralville

What shall I wear tonight?

It's wedding Day in Funeralville

What shall I wear tonight?

My car is stuck in Washington

And I cannot find out why

Come sit beside me on the swing

And watch the angels cry

It's anybody's ballgame

It's everybody's fight

And the streetlamp said

As he nodded his head

It's lonesome out tonight


Джон Прайн

Wedding Day In Funeralville / Джон Прайн

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