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Джон Прайн Джон ПрайнАмериканский певец и автор песен, работающий в жанрах кантри и фолк

The Torch Singer

The night club was burning

From the torch singer's song

And the sweat was floodin' her eyes

The catwalk squeaked

Neath the bartender's feet

And the smoke was too heavy to rise


She sang of the love that I left her

And of the woman that she'll never be

Made me feel like the buck and a quarter

That I paid 'em to listen and see

I paid 'em to listen and see

I was born down in Kansas

Neath the October sky

Work the day shift from seven to three

And the only relief that I receive

Is nearer my God to Thee

She constantly throwsme off timing

Leaves me standing both naked and bare

Makes me feel like the Sunday funnies

After everything's gone off the air

Everything's gone off the air

I picked through the ashes

Of the torch singer's song

And I ordered my money a round

For whiskey and pain

Both taste the same

During the time they go down

(Repeat chorus)

Джон Прайн

The Torch Singer / Джон Прайн

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