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Sabu Visits The Twin Cities Alone

The movie wasn't really

doing so hot

said the new producer

to the old big shot

its dying on the edge

of the great midwest

Sabu must tour

or forever rest.

Hey look ma

here comes the elephant boy

bundled all up in his corduroy

headed down south towards Illinois

from the jungles of East St. Paul.

His manager sat

in the office alone

staring at the numbers

on the telephone

wondering how a man

could send a child actor

to visit in the land

of the wind chill factor.

Sabu was sad

the whole tour stunk

the airlines lost

the elephant's trunk

the roadie got the rabies

and the scabies

and the flu

they was low on morale

but they was



Джон Прайн

Sabu Visits The Twin Cities Alone / Джон Прайн

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