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Джон Прайн Джон ПрайнАмериканский певец и автор песен, работающий в жанрах кантри и фолк

Blue Umbrella

Feelings are strange

especially when they come true

and I had a feeling

you'd be leaving soon

so I tried to rearrange

all my emotions

but it seems the same

no matter what I do.


Blue umbrella

rest upon my shoulder

hide the pain

while the rain

makes up my mind

well, my feet are wet

from thinking this thing over

and it's been so long

since I felt the warm sunshine

just give me one good reason

and I promise I won't ask you any more

just give me one extra season

so I can figure out the other four.

Day time

makes me wonder why you left me

night time

makes me wonder what I said

next time

are the words I'd like to plan on

but, last time

was the only thing you said.


Джон Прайн

Blue Umbrella / Джон Прайн

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