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Although now it seems like never

When we were even less together

I appeared to have my back to the wall

And the way things were going

There was no way of knowing

If I was having any luck at all

Silently, suddenly, standing before me

An old man awaited his death

Part of me cried out

But none turned to hide

For no curses distorted his breath

It was then I took to thinking

And my hand took to writing

And my dreams came into answer to call

Waiting in wonder my thoughts ran like thunder

Could it be I've been wasting my mind

I grew sort of cold as the vision unfolded

Bursting the shackles of time

So I gathered what I had

Took a look at that was going down

And it made me kind of sad

Watching all the circles going slowly round

And the stars sang in harmony

It was so perfect that it laid me down

And the rain clouds were tossed away

Seemed like the world was lost and I would drown -

In its sound

Somewhere along the road I don't know where

I had really believed I was poor

Looking, not seeing, the point of my being

When all of my fortune is sure

Кен Хенсли

Fortune / Кен Хенсли

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