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Дэниэл Фогельберг Дэниэл ФогельбергАмериканский музыкант, работал в таких направлениях как фолк, рок, джаз и блюз


Wysteria, did you change your face


Those of us who loved you when

Can't even find you.

Wysteria, did you lose another man

Did you make him understand

That he can't touch you.

Wysteria, did he take you to the fair?

Were the folks that you met there

The same that we met?

Wysteria, did he teach you how

to dance

Did he bring you paper fans

to hide your secret?

Was he just like all the rest

When he got to the sad part

Did he stay a bit too long

To save his heart.

Wysteria, are your lips still lily white

Do they still bloom just

At night and die at sunrise

Дэниэл Фогельберг

Wysteria / Дэниэл Фогельберг

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