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Дэниэл Фогельберг Дэниэл ФогельбергАмериканский музыкант, работал в таких направлениях как фолк, рок, джаз и блюз

Aurora Nova The Wild Places

I was walking alone through the loft

San Juans

With a heart full of light

And a head full of songs

I was thinking of time

And how much it will cost

To recapture the souls

That we surely have lost.

In the cities and towns

There are millions who dream

But the traffic's so loud

That you can't hear them scream

There's a heaven on earth

That so few ever find

Though the map's in your soul

And the road's in your mind.

So many mountains before us

So many rivers to cross

Where is the wisdom to bring

Back the vision we've lost?

Can we gaze with the wonder of children

Into the deafening night

Has it gotten so dark

That you cannot remember the light?

When you sleep on the ground

With the stars in your face

You can feel the full length

Of the beauty and grace.

In the wild places man

Is an unwelcome guest

But it's here than I'm found

And it's here I feel blessed

Дэниэл Фогельберг

Aurora Nova The Wild Places / Дэниэл Фогельберг

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