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Dont Love Make a Diamond Shine

written by Wayland Holyfield, Kent Robbins

She's history

Don't ruin good beer with tears

Get up off those knees

She ain't coming back jack

And if you think she will

You're on the wrong track

Hearts get broken every day

And life goes on without her here

It would be so clear if only it was


Anybody else's heart but mine

I'd say hey that's the breaks

It'll mend in time

I'd know just what to do

If it was anybody else's blues

If it was anybody else's heart but mine

Hey what's goin' on

It's a little bit different

When it's my love that's gone

Now old platitudes

Like find somebody else

Now they just won't do

I was so wise when giving free advice

To every body else

But now hearing it myself I wish that it was


Трейси Берд

Dont Love Make a Diamond Shine / Трейси Берд

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