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Watermelon Crawl

written by Buddy Brock, Zack Turner

I was driving thru Georgia in late July

On a day hot enough to make the Devil sign

I saw a homemade sign written in red

Rind County Watermelon Festival Ahead

Well, I wasn't in a hurry so I slowed down

Took a two lane road to a one horse town

There was a party going on when I got there

I heard a welcome speech from a small town mayor


He said we got a hundred gallons of sweet red wine

Made from the biggest watermelon on the vine

Help yourself to some but obey the law

If you drink don't drive do the watermelon crawl

When the band started playing the watermelon queen said

Let me show you something that you ain't never seen

She grabbed me by the arm said come on let's go

She dipped down spun around and doe-see-doed

She rocked back on her heels dropped down to her knees

Crawled across the floor then she jumped back on her feet

She wiggled and she giggled beat all you ever saw

Said this is how you do the watermelon crawl


Well if you're ever down in Georgia round about July

If you ain't in a hurry then you oughta stop by

I can guarantee that you're gonna have a ball

Learning how to do the watermelon crawl


Have fun you all

Do the watermelon crawl

Трейси Берд

Watermelon Crawl / Трейси Берд

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