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Трейси Берд Трейси БердАмериканский кантри-музыкант, композитор и исполнитель

The First Step

written by Doug Crider, Verlon Thompson

The lights were hot and the beer was not

And the band was playin' loud

The house was full

But her eyes pulled me right cross the crowd

And I said how's a guy like me to get to know you

She said not so fast, let me show you


She said the first step is the two-step

I'm here to dance and nothing more

Swing me round that hardwood floor

If you want to run with me, crawl before you walk

The first step is the two-step then we'll talk

We sang along with every song

And the room was spinnin' round

We danced in line, she felt so fine

And we hardly hit the ground

So I said maybe we could make a reservation

For some wine with candlelight and conversation


First things first, let's two-step, then we'll talk

Трейси Берд

The First Step / Трейси Берд

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