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Siren Song

In the land across the sea

They speak about a sailor

In the days of mystery

When earth was a different place

And you still will hear the tale

They tell of his wisdom

In his hour of destiny

He followed the song of his heart.


Beware the siren song

A song of delirious beauty

Though you want to sing along

A song full of promised delight

Lash yourself onto the mast

A song that will lead you to madness

Till the siren song has passed

A song that ends only in pain

Through the wind and through the rain

Through the long night of tempting

Of torment and of doubt

He cried out in his pain

But this captain stayed the course

Guiding the ship through danger

Past the siren's melody

On to the promise of home.


Beware the siren song

Try not to listen

Make sure the ropes are strong

Focus your vision

Beware the siren song

A song of beauty

Guide your ship on the right course.

And the ocean is so deep

Blackening water is raging

As the ship is tossed about

A speck in the infinite void

And the map is old and worn

Stained with the tears of captains

Who have sailed this way before

To follow the song of the heart.

Refrain (twice, but the second time omit the very last line)

Brave Combo

Siren Song / Brave Combo

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