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My Drifting Nature

We used to be the best of friends

I wrote a song for you

You'd call me for no reason

Talk about tv and food

We used to be the best of friends

You read my horoscope

You said i wasn't anal enough to be a virgo

I said that's what i hoped

I admitted i was scared to you

I said i couldn't sleep

I told my jokes and they were bad

You laughed to humour me

We used to be the best of friends

We flirted but no more

Sometimes we'd drop each other hints

That we would both ignore

But now we're not the best of friends

We said we'd always be

There was a night i should've kissed you

That blame belongs to me

'cos you got a boyfriend, got a life

I guess he took my place

I started speaking to you less and less

Till you were just another face

But sometimes our eyes meet

Sometimes we look around

Then one of us will look away

I usually look down

The other night i was hanging out

Red eyes, wet hair

I looked across the circle

And you were sitting there

The moment lasted forever

The reefer round this time

I took the hit and passed it on

Inside i nearly cried

When i think about the friends i've had

Forgotten faces in a crowd

The many times i've bared my soul

I've grown this old, i've cried out loud

I looked at you, you sat in shock

I looked at you, you sat in shock

My drifting nature has got to stop

My drifting nature's got to stop

Бен Ли

My Drifting Nature / Бен Ли

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