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True Life Song

Lay down in the stars, my bonny lass

Lay down in my arms, we'll make it last

The senses aspire to this far greater timie

As the rivers flow your heart will be mine


She changed my soul with her angel eyes

She gave her love to set me free

Like the waves of the ocean that come to the shore

She'd be loved by me forevermore

On the first of May all spring will arise

As the garlands of Eireland will be coming alive

'Tis the first day of wonder and the first day of light

I'm so glad we've arrived in a freedom so bright

So lay down in the heavens, my bonny lass

Lay down in my arms, we'll make it last

In the parting of old ways, we made our last stand

'Tis the first day of our future in this new land


We'll change our wisdom through your angel eyes

We have sown the seeds of our children's lives

For at last the aching has gone far away

Bring the future of Eireland to this new day

Джон Рой Андерсон

True Life Song / Джон Рой Андерсон

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