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True Hands Of Fate

There'll be times in my day when I think of the past

How we tend to survive all that comes

How the maker repeats with the sun of each morn

'N the moon 'n the stars at night

Take a meadow of green

'N the gold of the corn

As the flowers decorate by each wall

And the birds sing away as tho' nothing will change

Now that Eireland is Eireland once more

I have travelled so far, to the ends of the world

I have yet to feel all I can feel

Yet the maker redeems a whole country each morn

Bringing light to the hearts of the dawn

Shall we sing to the grandmothers, fathers long gone

Spread the wings of the angels of faith

There's a time to be born

'N to be born again

Now that Eireland is Eireland once more

Make the most of each hour, make the most of each day

We are blessed to begin a new time

Make our forefathers glad, all was not so in vain

So replenish the land that was given

To your friends both be kind, yes, be gentle as lambs

And as clear as the stars, be as one

So may all of your dreams come to live in your heart

And be seen as a sign of the times

So be true hands of fate

Let the children be free

Let the psirit of goodness prevail

We shall rise to the change

As we rise up every day and survive all that comes our way

Джон Рой Андерсон

True Hands Of Fate / Джон Рой Андерсон

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