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Lemmings A Freight Train To The Right Feeling That

fucking with me it's fucking with you all's fair in love and war utnil you say

it isn't but you're wrong on the back of flyers my clothes are in the dryer it

means nothing nothing is changing la familia is dead and gone the children

grew up and moved on is it too much ask for the things to work out this time

i'm only asking for what is mine i wanted everything i got it now i'm gonna

throw it away prime select and a box of glazed pulling fly-bys on days when we

were young and innocent elbow drop sundays when mark eaton got beat to shit

laughing at the bands we hate all the spots we used to skate they're still

there but we've gone our own ways i know it's for the best but sometimes i

wonder will i ever have friends like you agian you're gonna drown in the mess

you made you're self-inflicted hate you turn your back on the friends you lose

when they don't follow all your rules but people are what they want to be

they're not lemmings to the seat maybe it's time that you looked at yourself

stop blaming life on someone else

Blink 182

Lemmings A Freight Train To The Right Feeling That / Blink 182

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