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Элисон Хоукс Элисон Хоукс39-летняя британка с раком молочной железы.


When you waltzed into the room

I could see you really knew how to dance

And when you looked my way

I knew that I had even less of a chance

Is it better to stand alone

Than to play the overblown fool?

Ah but it’s too late I’m wrapped up

Save the looks for the movie stars

Save yourself from the truth you get in bars

Yeah I’m so sick of those rock ‘n roll guitars

Turn the lights down real low

That way we’re all perfectible

What ‘s the point in being unattainable

‘Cause I’m half as good as you

And that ain’t bad

Lovers come and go

But with you it’s not quite like that

You leaned over and kissed my soul

And left me wondering where my center was at

You said there’s no use being lonely

When you’re the only one to blame

And now I guess it’s still the same

Элисон Хоукс

HALF AS GOOD / Элисон Хоукс

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