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Фрэнк Заппа Фрэнк ЗаппаАмериканский композитор и гитарист

The Florida Airport Tape

Frank Zappa (guitar, vocals)

Mark Volman (vocals)

Howard Kaylan (vocals)

Jeff Simmons (bass)

George Duke (keyboards)

Ian Underwood (keyboards, alto saxophone)

Aynsley Dunbar (drums)

Can I just ask somethin' to any...everybody here? Did anybody see me puke on stage?

The tour of the country?

Yeah, did you?

I puked on stage

It started in San Antonio

You puked on stage???

I did when I was right in the middle of singin' Easy Meat or somethin' and all of a sudden I started pukin' out of my mouth and I just put my hand over like that


You didn't get it on film?


Gimme that in slow motion...

I thought you guys all cut that... I got really sick from ah... that jumpin' around each time... All that scotch and wine? Just weird, I only did it for about a second, you know it's just like a little sound-hooker I kinda shoved it back down my throat and went on stage


Yeah! That is strange man!

Ratzo rizzo!

He saved it because he might be hungry later

Uuhuu! Keep the big pieces!

Фрэнк Заппа

The Florida Airport Tape / Фрэнк Заппа

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