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Memories Of El Monte

Performed by: The Penguins

I'm all alone.

Feeling so blue.

Thinking about you

And the love we once knew.

And each time I do,

It brings back those memories

Of El Monte.

Remember the dance.

I held you so tight.

The Satins were singing

In the still of the night.

You gave me your heart

And your love undying.

Now I'm alone...

I'm sitting here crying.

If only they had

Those dances again,

I'd know where to find you,

And all my old friends.

The Shields would sing...

"You cheated. You lied..."

And the Heartbeats...

"You're a thousand miles away..."

And the Medaillons with "The Letter" and...

"Sweet words of his mortality..."

Marvin and Johnny with...

"Cherry Pie..."

And then, Tony Allen with...

"Night owl..."

And I, Cleve Duncan, along with the Penguins,

will sing...

"Earth angel

Earth Angel

Will you be mine?"

At El Monte.

If I could go back

To those days of the past,

I'd show you a love...

A love that would last.

Oh, I remember

Those wonderful dances

In El Monte.

In El Monte.

"Earth angel

Earth Angel

Will you be mine?"

At El Monte

Фрэнк Заппа

Memories Of El Monte / Фрэнк Заппа

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