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Diseases Of The Band

Frank Zappa (lead guitar, vocals)

Ike Willis (guitar, vocals)

Denny Walley (slide guitar, vocals)

Warren Cucurullo (guitar)

Tommy Mars (keyboards, vocals)

Peter Wolf (keyboards)

Ed Mann (percussion)

Arthur Barrow (bass)

Vinnie Colaiuta (drums)

Hiya folks!

Alright, here's the deal,

This is our last show here in London

Gee, it's gonna be tough!

Got a few...a few of the boys are sick tonight

But they're still gonna...give you their ALL

I want to introduce you to the members of the rockin' teen-age

combo and tell you which ones are sick and what they've got

Denny Walley on slide and vocals

He has, he has an aluminum finger

And we're gonna have that removed

a little bit later in this show^LThis is Ike Willis

Ike has a...now Ike, Ike is our lead vocalist,

Our dynamic male vocalist

He's got a soar throat

And all sorts of other things are wrong with him

He'll never be able to get through this show

The only thing he's got to take care of is his knitted hat

And of course Tommy Mars,

Who also has stomach-flu, on keyboards

Do you have any other diseases Tommy?

No? He's available! OK!

Ed Mann on percussion

Ed is still healthy

Except, and he told me this backstage,

Except for his mental health

You have to expect these things in this kind of a group

And Peter Wolf on keyboards

There's, there...apparently there's nothing wrong with Peter yet

(He's got stomach-flu too)

You have stomach-flu too?

Ooh, my goodness!

The circle is closing in

Okay, Vince Colaiuta on drums

Now, as you can see from looking at Vince,

There's absolutely nothing wrong with him


Arthur Barrow, our bass player has got a ...

He's having a lotta trouble

He's been very sick all day

Missed the soundcheck and everything

But he's gonna try

He's gonna try really hard

And of course: Sophia Warren on guitar

Фрэнк Заппа

Diseases Of The Band / Фрэнк Заппа

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