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Иоланда Адамс Иоланда АдамсАмериканская певица жанров R&B, госпель, поп и Adult Contemporary;

If We Could Remember


If we could remember

The moment of our birth

We give our voice to songs and whispers

And no what life is worth

Remember, remember

Suddenly there s beauty

In peace there s all the past

And sorrow clings to angry questions

The days of dust at last

And morning holds us

When worlds come down and down

A dance of ghosts and ragged dreams

Spinning round, spinning round, spinning round

I remember, remember

If we could remember

The power of the light

That cripple prayers are sometimes exert

And hope survives the night, and hope survives the night

I remember, I remember, remember

Иоланда Адамс

If We Could Remember / Иоланда Адамс

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