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Иоланда Адамс Иоланда АдамсАмериканская певица жанров R&B, госпель, поп и Adult Contemporary;

Hell Arrive (Coming Back)


Jesus is coming back, Time to make up for all you lack

Neither you nor I know the day or the time He'll arrive, he'll arrive

Verse 1:

There are things that seem Right in your mind

Until the time in life When things must change

Will you sacrifice a little Of your time to get right

Now is the time ...


Verse 2:

Coming like a thief in the night In the night for your life

And He'll catch you off guard

If your heart ain't right Don't hesitate

The longer that you wait It may be too late

And you don't want it to End that way

Bridge: Ohh(ad lib) Get right, Get right


Иоланда Адамс

Hell Arrive (Coming Back) / Иоланда Адамс

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