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Иоланда Адамс Иоланда АдамсАмериканская певица жанров R&B, госпель, поп и Adult Contemporary;

Fo Sho

featuring Karen Clark Sheard)

You may see me laughing

You may see me crying

But you won't see me give up

I'll just keep on trying

Though sometimes it get hard

Hard to see my way

But I got you in my life

It's makes it ok

There are times I'm up

And there are times I'm down

There are times I'm smiling

There are times I'm frown

Sometimes I done wrong

But I still sing my song

Even when I'm weak, I know you make me strong

I've learned how to do it

How to do it now

When to shut my mouth

When to speak out loud

I'm happy to know

Have you asked my friend

'Cause others will come and go

But you'll be there 'till the end

Иоланда Адамс

Fo Sho / Иоланда Адамс

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