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Сэмюэл Боулз Сэмюэл БоулзАмериканский экономист

Motherless Child

With your love you gave me life

Not knowing right from wrong

You always know that I'll be strong

You set me free and you paid the price

You inspired me in my art

With the rebel in your heart

You gave nothing for nothing

But the spirit of you word happiness could bring

I learned to always do the best I can

You taught me to be true and I never ran

Sometimes I feel like a motherless child

Left all alone in the cold

Nowhere to go so I run like the wild

Stumbling, falling

Crying calling you...

As they gave nothing in return

You became their slave although you were brave

You still teach me what is left to learn

Though they brought you to the grave

You will remain to ease my pain

Сэмюэл Боулз

Motherless Child / Сэмюэл Боулз

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