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Naggin Part II (The Answer)

[Chorus Pt. I:]

Every now and then you get mad.

You treat me bad and it makes me sad.

Always in the Street Chasin' A$$.

That's why a B***h be naggin'.

[Chorus Pt. 2 (Repeat 2)]

Whomp [x5]

When you get here I'll be gone.

I'll always know I shoulda left ya a$$ alone.

That's why a b***h be...

This is for them Niggas who be swearin' they aint catchin' no feelings.

Girls don't get ya self caught up in the mess.

Cuz half of them poppin'- the rest of them flex.

Yall..... better pay attention.

Flaw gone put tall up on a lil' pimpin'.

Listen.... When they flip the script.

You charge it to the hip

Ying Yang Twins

Naggin Part II (The Answer) / Ying Yang Twins

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