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 Ying Yang Twins Ying Yang Twins crunk-рэп дуэт

Say I Yi Yi [*]


This ain't no lie yi yi

Ying Yang bringing that fi yi yi

Smoking on dro, We stay hi yi yi

Rolling on dubs like I yi yi

I yi yi

[Verse 1]

Real ass niggaz gon po within a reason

Feeling like some drama gon come, Get niggaz bleedin

Ping brain little life chances

Ambulances, And plenty murder man dances, ha!

And for the niggaz that be popping that lip

how high I tip, Tearing body fleshes off of the rip

Like a lady when she having a fucking new born

The doctor holla push, and her skin is torn a child is born

[Verse 2]

We poping the pistals

Making dem whisals

Slanging dem thangs

Still keeping the pistal down on ther brain

And yeah we changing the game

Cuz we be spittin some shit

That sound good when you hear it make your bitch turn trick

Cuz its the year of the year

Yang bring that pain

Twins all in your city

Looking at ass and titties

And ride twenties

On big boy trucks, Doing big boy stuff

We big boy rid er and big boy drive

[Hook] 2x

[Verse 3]

Hol up, Wait a minute

Let me put my two cent in it

Some of yall

Say you mean it

But we, Repasent it

We gon keep it twerkalaten

Ask these niggaz why they haten


Standing in the line tryna buy my tape

After they, Purchase it

Then a mothafucka say

Why we hate on ying yang

All we doin is spiitin game

Some of yall mouves has, Gotta be to weak

Falling in love with a straight ho

[Verse 4]

Major money makas, Papa chasas, On the grin for chips

Tryna make a million dollars before its time to dip

So real niggaz make your money man

Flip the script or flip your bird

Sell that co-cain, Its on you

Do what you gotta

Ying Yang Twins

Say I Yi Yi [*] / Ying Yang Twins

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