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 Ying Yang Twins Ying Yang Twins crunk-рэп дуэт

Georgia Dome


Shawty so crunk she comin out of her clothes.

Dick so big got caught in her thoat.

Do it hurt? (yeah) do it hurt? (hell yeah)

One nut, two nut that's what you get

When you let a nigga lick that clit

Do you like it? (yeah)

Wanna nigga to bit it? (hell yeah)

From the ceiling

To the flo

That hoe don't want no more

That bitch better have my doe

Suck it [repeat over]

Niggas, I'ma tell yea

you can't trust a bitch far as you can smell em'

you better lick that stamp and mail em'

Back over there to the other fella

I care less (like i 'pose too)

always gotta stay fresh (like i 'pose too)

Don't talerate that stress (like i 'pose too)

I'll punch a bitch in the breast (in the chest)

I caught up with this ho

she sucked my dick behind the store and I skeeted all in her thoat

Then a nigga had to go I had to roll.

The I'm looking for a nother headhunter Georgia Dome

Put your lips on the dick give me georgia dome

I love pussy

Pussy good but it always bleed when it's time of the month cause bitches so thick.


Fuck nigga that's enough said.

See a bitch is only good for a duck head. (quacka)

Low self-esteem nigga can't out mack her

Bring her to the world of a low down nigga

She the bomb

You gotta past a ho round nigga

Here she come

And all boxers fall shawty gon play them balls

Bitch please

I'm hotter than 400 degrees

The only time you use your mouth is when you get on your kness.

So don't speak you shouldn't be saying nothing at all

Cause it's hard to talk with a mouth full of dick and balls

So put it in your mouth and blow

Put it deep down in your thoat

Niggas like me

Ying Yang Twins

Georgia Dome / Ying Yang Twins

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