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Nigga, we be alley

My nigga, we alley

Nigga, we be alley

My nigga, we alley



Tell a nigga dont act no fool

What's up cuz? Stay cool

Smoke some mary jane, you know the rules

Haters puttin salt in the game

Wanna keep a thug out the drug house

But you know the drill...a fro, polo

And a nigga in the club smokin dubs

Like a tru center thug

The big boy Willie Grill

Smoke swisher sweets, dont miss a beat

If a nigga feelin froggy leap

We ballin, shot-callin

ho's holla'n, try to follow

When a nigga aint ballin, sheesh

Still pullin on the hair

On my ching-ching weigher


Ho we can head to the spot in Decatur

(??) smoke optimos, and try to cop the ho's

(?) cant stop my (?)

Killa a bitch, kill a bitch, soon to buss

Aint to many niggas that can fuck wit' us

Y'all niggas think you can fuck wit' us

Some of y'all niggas gon' miss the bus

See playa we dangerous, stay (??)

Cock-block that fo'-fifth,

Switch your hands like (??)

Man then kick over to

Nigga cant see me with a birds-eye view

So you betta back up, back up

'fore a nigga straight have to act up, act up

Stand in this thang wit' the mac up, mac up

... 10 then because


My nigga, we alley

Nigga, we alley

My nigga, we alley

Nigga, we alley


[Mr. Ball]

We some alley muh'fuckas from the ATL, Georgia boys

We came to bring the noise, and we got them tonka toys (boom boom boom)

Niggas be bitin like jaws, nigga back the fuck off my balls

If you got some beef wit' me, then I got some beef wit' y'all

Now ooh lawd, them boys on the map again

Who t

Ying Yang Twins

Alley / Ying Yang Twins

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