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Withi Reach - Lifetime Achievement

Take a look at mankind, see what we created

Take a look at the world, its all infected

By illusions designed to make us happy, to keep us down

Force-fed visions fit for use for the few

Daily propaganda of how to make dreams come true

Consumers valued high, others might as well...

Just lay down and die!

Just lay down and die!

Just lay down and die!

Or buy another lie

To die with the most toys, thats satisfaction

Every day in the life is competition

Things you never wanted, never ever needed

Turns out to be your next top-priority

Couldnt live a day without car, computer or TV

Common sense was lost long time ago

No room for compassion in the money-flow

No signs of change, no ends in sight

Just a feeling of depression in the air

A feeling of frustration and despair

Its time for us to kiss this world goodbye


Withi Reach - Lifetime Achievement / Yellowcard

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