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Album: Master (2002)

Bang Bang Bang the bigger the better (x4)

You aint a baby no more baby

You aint no bigger than before baby

I'll rub that cheap black off your lips baby

so take a swallow as i spit baby

As a Fuck son, you sucked (x8)

My skin tonight is a blazing

but i don't think you're my type

what i need tonights the real thing

i need the real thing tonight

As a Fuck son, you sucked (x8)

The bigger the better

bang bang bang

the bigger the better

yeah yeah yeah

Oh Oh come on

yeah yeah yeah

What i need tonight is the real thing yeah!

I need the real thing tonight

Yeah Yeah Yeah

Yeah Yeah Oh Oh

Come on alright

Yeah Yeah Yeahs

Bang / Yeah Yeah Yeahs

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