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So Good(With Davina)


Tres, un, tres

Tres, un, tres

Tres, un, tres

Tres, un, tres

(repeat through rap)


Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah

Feel so good, yeah, ha

Feels so good

Like this, yeah, feel so good

Hey ya live, bring it

See I been waiting all my whole life

For something like this

Who woulda thought the end of all time

Would start wit a kiss

I'm not the type to show emotion

At the drop of a dime

But at the bottom of the line

The decision is mine

To approach and get close

Takin' a chance in a way

But Xzibit give a damn what the next man say

Because you only die once

I'm tryin' to live to the limits

And it just now hit me that

I wanna take you wit me

For the long haul, I'll be there

Whenever you call

And get together, we stand

And everything goes according to plan

We'll be tight from tonight

'Till the daylight

If lovin' you is wrong

Then I don't wanna be right

So good


Never have I been so mystified

By anyone's love before (hey, yeah)

I feel so natural

I keep coming back for more

And each time we touch you open up a new door

Baby, you're such a midnight tease

It's gonna take everything to keep you from me (hey, yeah)

And the joy that your lovin' brings

Can separate the mountains from the sea

1 - I don't wanna be wrong

But it feels right

If loving you is so wrong

I don't want to go on

2 - I don't wanna be wrong

But it feels right

It feels good

So good, so good, so good

Spent so many nights believing I was wrong

For you being


So Good(With Davina) / Xzibit

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