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U Know(Ft.Dr.Dre)


Most niggaz get it confused right? Huh

They think it's all chronic and palm trees out this muh'fucka

Bitches and bikinis, listen, huh

Some niggaz is better left alone

I place you underneath the very ground you walkin on

And ain't no children in this motherfucker, drop your tone

Ain't got no business even FUCKIN with no microphones

So yo it's me against the world, and ain't got shit to lose

My heavy artillery built to make the masses move

I carry tools that'll pick you up and out your shoes

Xzibit bringin new meanin to alcohol abuse

I wanna fall up in the spot where all the bitches at

Holdin somethin heavy to help you straighten out your back

A couple of drinks and I bend you over the kitchen sink

So what you think I owe you somethin bitch for fuckin me?

(BITCH) Get a grip, misery love company, check it

Xzibit show you the difference between real life and makin a record

Makin the moves and connections that you never expected

What good is money and the fame if you never respected?

Check it out


You know, who's runnin these fuckin streets

(You get involved, you gettin slapped with the heat nigga)

Don't be actin like your shit don't stink (c'mon)

Y'all ain't fuckin with X

You know, we roll so fuckin deep

(Yeah round after round in the middle of the street niggaz)

Cause you're actin like your shit don't stink


Yo, I ain't afraid of them fuckin invisible gats

you always bringin out in your raps

My shit'll quickly make you fold and collapse

My goal to strictly takin over the map, by any means

Hustle and make more tracks than a her-on fiend

Keep my enemies on a first name basis

and hate them niggaz like a skinhead


U Know(Ft.Dr.Dre) / Xzibit

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