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B**** A** N*****

Let me explain to ya why niggers act like bitches

See coz a bitch won't what, I aint talking about a woman,

I ain't talkin about a lady,

but you mother fuckers listen to the album like why ya always say bitch

coz you females can say it yourself there are bitches out there

Like theres punk ass nigger,

theres bitch ass nigger and theres men,

the ladies they the hoes,

theres women and theres bitches

Niggers act like bitch ass niggers coz they wanna jock a nigger thats got it goin on just like a skanky bitch

A bitch ass nigger is a male hoe,

that niggers back stage knockin at the door

can I get in for free

no bitch you aint got no pussy!

Bitch ass nigger what you servin in this equation

one plus one equal two that will never happen wit me and you, bitch ass nigger

Bitch ass niggers will come to your door and knock and say remember me?

No nigger I dont remember you, coz when I was creating me you told me I would never be me

now that I am here your mother fuckin bitch ass is sayin can I take a free ride

Fuck you and your mama for fuckin your daddy and havin your ignorant bitch ass

Thats a bitch ass nigger!


B**** A** N***** / Xzibit

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