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 Xzibit Xzibitхип-хоп певец

D.N.A. (Drugs-N-Alkahol)(Ft.Snoop Dogg)

[X] Drugs-N-Alkahol baby! Ahhh!

[S] Uhh.. mm that's funky.. ohh!


Huh, I'm Mr. What-The-Fuck-You-Lookin-At

I'm Mr. Quick-To-Run-And-Get-The-Gat

Treat you like the hoosd like a diplomat

Xzibit used to push a 'llac, now I'm Range Rovin'

Takin over never sober, bear witness like Jehovah

Enemies fall like October

Restless standin tall like a soldier

We thick like the first Motorola brick cellular phones

cut to the bone, celebratin


D.N.A. (Drugs-N-Alkahol)(Ft.Snoop Dogg) / Xzibit

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