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Kenny Parker Show 2001(Ft.Krs-One)


You are now tuned in to the ultimate sounds.. of Dr. Dre

You know what time it is!

Xzibit steps up to the mic

layin down the hard-core, real raw, underground

My name is KRS-One, and it's REAL!!


Well it's me, down with D-R-E

X to the Z rocks any party

Rocks the beats, and the breaks

Rocks the cocks off the whores in the place

Cause suckers shake, while I'm creatin

They get together and they start to hatin

How can we take him out one time

cause he brought back the West with the freshest rhymes

I might go first, and he'll go second

I'll wreck 'em, deck 'em, set it, just checkin your mic

Droppin hot shit I like

So throw up your hands bitch, run your ice

Cause I'll go third, and he'll go fourth

By the fifth eat shit, you'll step off

Six is your beatdown, your title is seven

Takin out your four man crew makes eleven

By the twelveth I go for self

Rockin L.A. like no one else..

You can check any rapper from the underground scene

but few have dropped hot shit and seen green

Some have dope twelve inches, count 'em

But not many niggaz have slammin albums

X to the Z rocks consistantly



Kenny Parker Show 2001(Ft.Krs-One) / Xzibit

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