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Dont Approach Me

[X] Pssh, man I need a lighter man

[E] Right here

[X] Yeahhh.. whassup Slim?

[E] What's crackin?

[X] Hit this shit

[E] Ssshhit I almost hit this motherfucker today

[X] Psh, is that right?

[E] What is it with motherfuckers thinkin that..

[E] {*SIGH*} because we're in the spotlight or whatever that..

[E] they can do or say whatever they want to us

[E] and that we won't retaliate

[X] Protect my motherfuckin self, by ANY


[E] Right?

[Chorus 2X: Eminem]

Cause you don't know me, I don't know you

So don't approach me, I won't approach you

And don't insult me, I won't insult you

Cause you don't know what I will or I won't do


Make no mistake, I'm the Golden State heavyweight

Bein underrated gave me time to create it

Can you relate? I renovate, straight out the gate

Carried my weight, but seem to receive nothin but hate

Millionaires snatchin crumbs off my little son plate

Kidnapped, locked in a trunk, get shot in the face

No hoes, no clothes, no one showin up for my shows

You know how it goes; I might as well kick it at home

But my baby momma hate my guts and can't stand me (yeah)

Packed up, moved out, started a new family

So all this strugglin for what, so I can blow up

marry a slut but can't watch my seed grow up?

FUCK THAT, this the fuckin thanks I get

for tryin to edutain assholes and feed my bitch

Yo I feel like my whole life is upside down (upside down)

cause you seein more support than I'm seein my child

It's like..


.. everyday I wake up, another drama

It's a wonder I'm alive, survivin this karma

If I can hold on to my private life for five minutes longer

I migh


Dont Approach Me / Xzibit

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