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Sorry Im Away So Much

(Xzibit talking)

Come here Tre, what's up son, come on

To whom it may concern, yeah, listen

Sorry I'm away so much, yeah, yeah

All the sons, daughters, penitentary niggas, yeah, feel me

Uh, sorry I'm away so much, yeah


My son was born about four and a half years ago

Nothin protected him, amazin how fast they grow

I came to know about his likes and his dislikes, yeah

Video games, taught him how to ride his first bike

This is the life my little nigga, I see you gettin all upset

When I leave the house, poutin, let me tell you about

Tryna make it in this world and provide for you

'Cause on them overseat plane rides I miss you too

Never knew that I would have to be away so much

Five thousand dollar phone bills keepin in touch

We Starskey and Hutch, yeah, we partners for life, yeah

I rock mics, so I'm sorry when I hug you if I squeeze too tight

Long nights in the studio take me away

Gettin mad 'cause I'm tired and you want me to play

Money can't replace time, I'm just tryna get you outta the fine relyin

And expand your mind my lil' ni', yeah

Yeah, c'mon


Look, sorry I'm away so much

Understand me, yeah

It's for you, hah, yeah (you, and you, and you)

C'mon, look, sorry I'm away so much

Huh, we keep it gangsta



I got a brother locked down, he be out in a couple

Knuckle for knuckle, a veteran and nothin but muscle

Now broadcastin live from behind the wall

Stayin tight through long kites and telephone calls

Gettin hype when you see your brother on T.V.

Can't wait for your release so you can roll with me

Arrange everything exactly how it's supposed to be

For right now here's a tho


Sorry Im Away So Much / Xzibit

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