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Pussy Pop(feat. Method Man & Jayo Felony

[Method Man]

It's the Meth in the house! Ha, yeah, break it down.


When it's all said in done, we gon' be on top

Cause we don't stop, now, lock it down, hit the spot

and clown; Niggas relyin on special effects

While the khakis and chronic, got the bitches still breakin they neck

Move the crowd without breakin a sweat

Trend setter, with a Beretta, so keep it on deck

Cause you never know when Xzibit gonna move through the set

Don't be scared, just be prepared and quiet as kept

At a night club, talkin bout you don't go out

And you tryin to got to school and make a certain amount

But the last part, I just couldn't figure it out

I guess its real hard to talk with a dick in your mouth

Lightweight, like confetti, steadily tested by motherfuckers who ain't ready

To deal with the legendary

Soopafly, emcee, and bullett logo

Shot callers, clear the whole block like we po-po

[Chorus: Method Man]

Round and round we go, it don't stop

Till we all get dough, c'mon, make it hot

Baby girl to the pussy pop, pussy pop

Lick shots for the pussy pop, pop, pop!

Lookin good with your stink-ass

Type of ass make a nigga pull it over fast

Make it hot, baby girl to pussy pop, pussy pop

Lick shots for the pussy pop, pop pop!

[Jayo Felony]

Well, you gotta pop the pussy, get rid of the next with a name on your gums

It's the ?Bidulo Gang? bitch, we both want some

You got titties and ass

But I got a dick and some cash

You ain't talkin bout shit

Then I'ma smash, bitch

On three, on me, bitch, you my property

Daddy Jayo Felony, ain't nobody stoppin me

And I said daddy, bitch thats what you gon' call me

I ain't no simp or a wimp

I'ma motherfuckin pimp

Tear spots in my hoes, make they high-heels fall off

You got me ? the fuck-up, if you think I'm goin soft

on ya; I'm hard on my hoes that's how it goes

Bitch, get up off your toes, and get my six-four

? My name, you bounced, so you might as well break bread

And only Dulo niggas know, whats the head

My name is Billy Loco and this is my opinion

I'm coming from SD, and Dulo is my religion

Be-b-b-b- atch!



I don't save or pray, or ? clothes

All I really wanna do is win the game, fuck hoes!

In Jamaica, at the Half Moon Villa, with a killa

And a cocain dealer, layin low from the law

See it all comes down to who's quick to draw first

Pay attention, prevention, ridin off in a hearse

Mister X to the you know me

Thousand-dollar bitches wanna pop the pussy for free

The disfunctional member of the Alkoholik family tree

Frequently bang bitches, Wu-Tang, Killer Bee

Hennessey on the rocks, with Pina Coloda

At the Ramada, make you work hard like Donna

For the cheese, got you down on your hands and knees

After that we kick back and burn up some trees

Mad shout, cause Xzibit's not the type to be treatin

I'm an Alkoholic and I'm late for my meeting

(Come on, Like that!)



Pussy Pop(feat. Method Man & Jayo Felony / Xzibit

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