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Ahh.... E-Dub


It's that millenium ridiculous flow, I never let go

Niggaz gettin knocked out is part of my show

Let em know who they fuckn wit yo: a rhyme wrangler

Tri-angular, push off the hillside strangler

Dangle a, nigga by the ankle off the balcony

Now let his punk ass go, look out below (BELOWWWW)

It's a tale of two cities, come out when the sun go down

We officially not fuckin around

Stuck in the ground, fitted with a suit in a pine box

(hah!) with my fresh pressed khakis in a slingshot

So heatbox all day in a nigga face

And all you bitches see the dick that you shoulda ate

[Chorus: Xzibit]

Call it what you wanna call it

I'm a fuckin Alkaholik

Bring it if you really want it

Ain't gotta put no extras on it

Call it what you wanna call it

I'm a fuckin Alkaholik

Bring it if you realli want it

Ain't gonna put no extras on it

[Erick Sermon]

Yo, I'm in the zone, and lyrically gone

Got the spot blown, BOOM! Oklahoma

Watch the aroma, catch those who love me

My underground dirty cats on dune buggies

I be the type to take your watch and flaunt it

Kidnap T. Lewis and Jimmy Jam on it

Yo, I bang a nigga head til his neck pop

Do a KR's one to a black cop

X and E's, out for cream, get the money

While you stay broker than Al Bundy

Uhh, give it to yall, in Any Given Sunday

With J. Fox namin tha spot, make it hot

(I hate E so much right now!) Blow it down nigga, bounce

come off the ropes like J. Snooka

(Two fly motherfuckers) You can't fuck widdit

Backed by Open Bar, so y'all forget it



J McEnroe, cam smashin, party crashin

I eat MC's like a ration

I'm sockin niggaz in their goatees

I leave you stiffer than that fool on my basketball trophies

I'm in the room with 10 G's, countin ten G's

Cause we need a bag of weed (can you smell it?)

Now we need ten dimes, to blow on these like wind chimes

Time to close the blinds cause you all in mines

I bought a bottle for the session, and did not share it

Drink so much Captain Mo' all I need is a parrot

You took the Alkaholik challenge, and lost your balance

You underground, we under water drinkin liquid by tha gallons


Slurred words, double vision, brain bustin, head rushin

Since I'm too drunk to walk, I rock a party on crutches

and still rush the roughest MC who wanna get it

Forget it, it's liquid, no listen, Xzibit

Ca-Tash on the blast the final piece to the puzzle

I slap bitches on the ass, I slap pimps about the muzzle

I shuffle with the microphone, bang rhymes consistant

You wack and I'm Ca-Tash and that's the motherfuckin difference

For instance, 21 and over, set your clocks back

(Tick tock tick tock) Still standin where the rocks at

Two-thousand-one, we still young guns that's restless

(Thirty niggaz, sixty hoes) and that's the motherfuckin guestlist



Alkaholic / Xzibit

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