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Goosey Goosey

Hey goosey goosey

I believe it's for having fun

Hey goosey goosey

I believe it's for everyone.

One red morning

With no warning

Life comes crashing in

To wake you early with its golden din.

One blue evening

Cruelly leaving

It goes breezing out

The very second that you figure it out

What it's all for.

Everybody has a magic lantern

Everybody has an inner eye

Everybody has a magic carpet

Seems a shame if you don't let it fly

Tell you why

Hey goosey goosey...

Some bright daytime

Worker's playtime

You get country-bound

Pick your girl up

So you're all pinned down

Some dark nighttime

Final frighttime

As the reaper knocks

The wisdom of the ancients in a box

But it's too late

Everybody has a magic lantern...

Hey goosey goosey...

Yes I do


Goosey Goosey / XTC

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