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The Other Side

So, you're at the end of your wits

The end of your rope

You just can't fix

Everything that's broke

Got to turn it loose, babe

Hey, just let it ride

Cause it ain't about pride now

Well, it ain't about guilt

You've just come to a bridge

That you still ain't built

Sit down here with me

I'll tell you about the other side


The other side of loneliness

The other side of the blues

There really is a place like this

Where the sun is gonna shine for you

You'll feel that old restlessness

Your tears have all been cried

You'll find your way over this

And you'll make it to the other side

Life gets hard

Life gets cold

No matter who you are

Gonna settle on your soul

There comes a time

When you go looking for a place to hide

But one of these days

You're gonna lift up your head

Whistle up those hell hounds of yours

And make them sit up and beg

That's when you'll be ready

Ready for the other side

[Repeat Chorus]

Вайнона Джад

The Other Side / Вайнона Джад

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