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Lost Without You

I've got night vision, I can find my way home

I don't get nervous when I'm out on my own

I've got that sixth sense, I just follow the stars

But wherever I am, I wonder where you are

I walk a tightrope, I follow my heart

Just like a compass whenever we're apart

I believe that love comes shining through

I'd fly through the storm to find my way to you


'Cause I'd be lost without you

I'd be slowly going crazy

You're the place I wanna be, you're all I ever need

I'd be lost

Lost without you

I'm on a mission, it's on with the show

I've got dreams that I'm chasing and places to go

But the further I wander, here's what I find

Wherever I am it's you that's on my mind

[Repeat Chorus]

For so long

I was caught up in the chase

Trying to find my place

And who am I to ever deny

When the world got me down

You came and you swept me away

[Repeat Chorus

Вайнона Джад

Lost Without You / Вайнона Джад

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