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He Rocks

To see him walking by

He might not catch your eye - here's why

Not quite heaven-sent

Kinda Clark Kent - yeah, that's it

He's got the profile of an average Joe

But wicked on the weekend

When he's on a roll


He rocks, he kicks

Born for a good time

And he don't miss a lick

He can talk it, he can walk it

He can throw down with the best

Gets you thinking things

That you never would confess

Send your mama into shock

He rocks

He's got all the moves

Showed me one or two

He'll take you 'cross the floor

Charm you to the core, for sure

Throwing on some makeup

Kinkin' up my hair

Come on taxi driver

You gotta get me there

[Repeat Chorus Twice]

Вайнона Джад

He Rocks / Вайнона Джад

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