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Its Only Love

If life was a classroom

And love was just a lesson

An answer you can guess

Until you get it right

You with your hand up

Who are you impressing

It's just when everything

Is clearly in your sight


Will cast you adrift

But I'm of the notion

It is what it is

Say it with me


It's only love

You take it until it's gone

The thing to build your world upon

When it's getting rough

It's only love

There's nothing like a fantasy

The way we think it ought to be

It's never quite enough

If life was a spaceship

Cruising through the cosmos

Then love will be the rock that

Blows you from your sky

Though it can be emotive

It can be explosive

And when it leaves you cold

All you can do is lie


So bite your lip

Hide your emotion

It is what it is

Say it with me


Вайнона Джад

Its Only Love / Вайнона Джад

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