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You Are

How do you do it anyway?

Like there ain't nothing to it

To make me stay

No tricks with smoke and mirrors

Not anything up your sleeve

A second look and it can't be clearer

It's no mystery


It's in the way you love

It's in the little things you say

It's in the way you live

And give your heart away

It's in the chance you took

It's in the way you look at me

That sets you a world apart

And makes you who you are

And you are beautiful

You are

Pressed on my soul

Your fingerprint

Going where no one's ever been

Well, I don't know how

But I know you're in it

My life, my world, my dreams

I try but I just can't pin it

Down to one thing


Вайнона Джад

You Are / Вайнона Джад

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