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I Will Be

Been caught in a downpour of a rain of stones

Felt like an exile in the world I had known

So I sought the shelter of my own soul

And stayed inside

I found no comfort in placing blame

I saw the hope that lay just beyond the pain

The past is a prison and I won't wear those chains

And I won't hide, oh no


I will be here

I will be strong

I'll face my fears

When the night is long

And still go on

I will be brave

I will be bold

Follow my faith

To a higher road

And I'm not there yet

But I will be

I could choose to keep my feet upon the beaten path

Never cross the open field for the one snake in the grass

But I'd rather risk my heart then never get the chance

To find my way, to find my way

[Repeat Chorus]

Вайнона Джад

I Will Be / Вайнона Джад

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