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Always Will

If time is a train rollin' down the track

Every minute is a box car that don't come back

Take a look around you, it's all gonna change

Whatever you see ain't never gonna stay the same

Except for the rain and the wind in the trees

And the way I feel about you and me


And the way I feel when I'm with you

Is like the roll of the ocean

And the calm and quiet of the moon

And when you hold me time stands still

It always has and you know it always will

Out on the horizon the sun is goin' down

It ain't gone, it's just on its way around

Just like your love I see it every day

In the things you do and the things you say

You touch my hand and I feel the thrill

I always have and I always will

[Repeat Chorus Twice]

You know it always will

You know it always will

Вайнона Джад

Always Will / Вайнона Джад

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